PopUp Berlin becomes Go—PopUp

Четверг 9 Октябрь 2014

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PopUp Berlin becomes Go—PopUp

PopUp Berlin becomes Go—PopUp

PopUp Berlin changes its name after succesfully raising a seven-digit figure in seed financing round. From now on Go—PopUp will be available in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria via www.gopopup.com. This makes Go—PopUp the first expanding company in this line of business across Europe.

PopUp Berlin started 2013 with the idea of listing upcoming pop up events. After the decision to also connect businesses and landlords, PopUp Berlin rapidly expanded to an international company with a growing community of over 120 listings in ten cities and three countries. The brand PopUp Berlin didn’t reflect that anymore. With Go—PopUp a new brand identity was designed, delivering the company's vision: Growing a community of creative minds, brands and beautiful spaces to launch great pop up ideas all over Europe. The goal is to empower agile retail by reframing economic models.

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